Friday, July 22, 2011

Nina {part one} | Native American Inspired | Athens OH Photographer

This shoot came together so perfectly. I had been visualizing doing a Native American conceptual shoot in honor of the culture, there's just something 'right' about their beliefs, being one with the earth, and I wish more of us could be in tune with that line of thinking.

Anyway, I couldn't find a model in my area with the right look. But then I heard Serina was coming to our model shoot that weekend and that she had been wanting to do a similar themed shoot in honor of her heritage! She had even been working on a hand made deerskin outfit! So I went antique mall hunting a found a few things I could make some feather jewelry or accessories out of. By the time everyone showed up at my house to go out shooting, we found that the other model, Rachel, had brought with her a poncho and a bow and arrow! How perfect is that?

We started out at the Adena Indian Mounds in my neighborhood in order to feel truly inspired, though we were interrupted by a rude old woman telling us we needed permission from the Humane Society (what?!). I think we may have scared her with our crazy looking weapons and outfits! Haha Afterwards we just went exploring for areas to shoot and were pleasantly surprised to find a perfect location with sandstone rocks against a forest :)

I'm so happy with how this shoot literally just fell together with such minimal effort. We have a secret part two in the works in the next month or so and it's going to be incredible!