Sunday, March 1, 2009



I've had the pleasure of meeting a few absolutely stunning models this month. Models are much different to work with than children. Children are not so conscious of the camera until they turn about 6 or 7, which makes it pretty easy on me. All I have to do is follow one around and I'm sure to get something precious. I love capturing their innocent spirit and the feelings they wear on their sleeves.

On the other hand, models are quite conscious of the camera, and if you get someone you instantly bond with, it makes it that much better. Working together to create some magic is just so much fun! My favorite models are bendy ones, women who can twist and turn to show off their feminine curves. And who aren't afraid to jump up on something (katie) and do some tricks! One more trait that makes a good model, in my opinion, is the ability to transform moods, and look/be authentic. Emotion is what I thrive on as a photographer. Well, that and lighting of course.

Here are a few faves of my lovely models I've had the pleasure of working with recently. To view more, add me as a friend on my myspace page (where I post the most)